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Direct Mailing, Advertising and Database Management

Direct Mail Solutions offers local, domestic & international direct mail services.

Now there's a good idea! Why not hand over all the hassles of your direct mailing to professionals - AND save costs! Direct Mail Solutions is an Australian-owned company which assists Australian and international businesses with mail-based promotional advertising and marketing communications. Direct Mail Solutions are the ultimate direct mailing professionals, with a friendly, personal approach to ALL their clients.

Whether your business sends regular bulk mailing to everyone on your database, or you're a smaller organisation and you find it really difficult to find the time and staff to organise all the details of your direct mailings, Direct Mail Solutions can make the process easy AND reduce your direct mailing costs. Just think! You'll know exactly how much each job costs, and those expensive costs of labour, printers, toner and paper will be contained.

There's no need to employ extra staff or spend hours organising your direct mailing - or even fold mail and stuff envelopes yourself. All you need to do is to provide your data via disk or email, and the experienced team at Direct Mail Solutions will do the rest. We handle all aspects of database management also, and can source whatever kind of databases and demographic lists you may need.

Services Include:

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Direct Mail Solutions
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