3 Direct Mail Marketing Resolutions to Stick to

Whilst it’s a cliché to say that the new year presents an opportunity to start afresh, this early part of the year tends to be quiet for most businesses and so it really is a great time to review your marketing strategy and make adjustments to suit your goals for 2017. For companies with an existing direct mail marketing campaign, here are three new years’ resolutions that will help ensure your 2017 campaigns are relevant, engaging, and effective.

Take the time to understand your audience

Honing in on who your buyer is, and working out how to effectively communicate with then is one of the best ways to boost the profitability of your campaign. Understanding your target audience involves not only knowing their demographics, but also understanding more complex things like their shopping and purchasing behaviour, as well as their desires, ambitions and fears. Once you’ve done your research, the best way to capitalise on it is through investing in a targeted mailing list. Traditionally, direct mail marketing strategies took a scattergun approach to mailing, sending out advertising to a wide audience and hoping it reached potential customers. However, with the rising costs of postage and printing, most businesses are now choosing to invest in reliable mailing lists that target their customer base, rather than taking their chances on mass mailing.

Communicate through more than just one media platform

No modern business worth their salt should be relying on just one marketing channel to communicate with their existing and potential customer base. Nowadays, every company needs to have at least one social media channel in addition to a website, as there is a platform for every demographic and 58% of the entire adult population in the world is connected. Print and digital integration is a highly effective way to boost the visibility of your brand and help encourage sales through repeat exposure.

Prioritise good design  

Appearances are everything when it comes to direct mail, so it pays to invest in quality packaging, such as envelopes in unusual colours, shapes, sizes and textures to provoke curiosity, and then follow it through with a high quality layout and design. Invest in the best possible design services your budget allows as a professionally designed campaign with strong aesthetic qualities and a simple, relatable message is the best way to get through to your target audience.
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