3 Effective Brochure Marketing Strategies

Brochure marketing is a tried and true method, but with a little work you can make yours stand out from the crowd! There are so many ways to get your point across, but some of them are wrong. In this week’s article, we’ll be outlining three key ways to make sure your brochure marketing strategy is more effective today.

Understand your audience’s POV

There’s no point in putting together a brochure if it won’t be read. This means that your audience’s point of view is king in the creation stage. Obviously, the content should follow a logical flow, but it should follow the flow that is most relevant to your reader. To understand this, you need to understand the kinds of questions your reader will want answered, and how this process of information will unfold before them. Essentially, your brochure should follow your audience’s train of thought. One of the best ways to do this is to pretend that you are the audience, and think of the kinds of questions you might have in relation to your product, service or business.

Motivate your audience to actually read the brochure

In with the earlier point, a brochure needs to cater to your audience. But before setting out all the information inside, make sure to create a compelling cover so that your audience wants to read on! Consider highlighting the benefits of your product or service, using catchy slogans or adding intriguing imagery. This should be more than just your company’s brand identity- it could include a special discount, free report or exclusive invitation. Just make sure to think outside the box with this one!

Make your brochure something to remember

There’s no better way to create a brochure that stands out than by adding a personal touch. Firstly, make sure the brochure is personal to your audience, and that it caters to their needs by providing some kind of benefit or solution. Secondly, make it personal to you and your brand! Think about changing up the shape, the colour, font choice, imagery use… the list really does go on and on. It’s all about making your brochure marketing stand out.

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