3 involvement devices to use in your direct mail

While direct mail marketing is much more likely to be opened by consumers than an email, provisions should be taken to ensure the target audience becomes actively involved with the mail outs they receive, rather than just throwing them in the bin. Direct mail involvement devices are a great way to engage consumers and increase the likelihood of them purchasing a product or service from your business. Here are 3 involvement devices to use in your next campaign to increase customer involvement and sales.

direct mail involvement strategies

Quizzes and checklists

Quizzes and checklists are a great way to get potential customers to take notice of your product or service as they can prompt readers into realising needs or wants they were previously unaware of. Quizzes should be structured to elicit as many “yes” answers from the prospect as possible, as each yes answer brings them a step closer to realising they qualify for, want, or even need, a particular product or service.  Similarly, checklists can also alert potential customers to products or services that may benefit them.

Discount codes or coupons

A great way to get readers to interact with your direct mail is by providing them with perks such as discount codes or coupons. Most people appreciate a good bargain, which is why including discount offers (either a percentage off or a set dollar amount) or other deals (e.g. free gift with purchase, buy one get one free) in your mail outs is such an effective way to drive sales. Ensuring your offers come with a clear, approaching expiration date to encourage quick purchases and ensure readers do not forget about the offer.

Coupons also serve as a great way to collect customer data, without the need for surveys or questionnaires. By including tracking codes in each mail out you will easily be able to measure ROI when a coupon is redeemed, either in-store or online.

Free samples

In the same vain as coupons, free samples are also a great way to generate sales as consumers respond very well to freebies and bonuses. Samples are a great way to introduce consumers to new products; the consumer is excited about receiving something for free, and, once the sample runs out, they may be inclined to buy more. Samples work particularly well for cross-promotion, for example if your brand incorporates a range of products, you may send a sample of a new product to someone who has previously shown brand loyalty as they will be more likely to purchase the new item.

There are many ways you can involve readers in your direct mail campaigns to boost sales and increase brand awareness. Direct Mail Solutions have many years of experience designing and distributing direct mail campaigns and can incorporate involvement strategies perfectly suited to your business.

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