3 Key Advantages of Bulk Mailing Services

Since the 1970’s, bulk mailing has been a cost effective and efficient way for businesses to engage with their target market. In 2016, bulk mailing remains a staple mass marketing solution for small and medium businesses and a key tool in cross channel marketing campaigns. If you’re a business who needs to mail out several hundred pieces of mail a few times a year, or are looking to undertake a mass mailing campaign for a one off event, then it’s well worth considering bulk mail services. In this article, we examine the three key advantages of bulk mailing.

Cost effective

Bulk Mailing ServicesFor a small or medium business, the process of designing, printing, packing and posting mail can become quite costly as their numbers are not likely to be high enough or consistent enough to warrant wholesale purchasing. Using bulk mail services can help SME’s save significant amounts of money as mail houses provide wholesale mailing prices in packages which can be tailored to suit a particular budget.

Time saving

Choosing to connect with your client base through bulk mailing means you can minimise the amount of time spent managing the logistics of your advertising and spend more time growing your business. Companies like DMS provide turnkey bulk mailing solutions which encompasses printing, packing, and posting, leaving you free to dedicate yourself to improving your business and confident that your promotional material is reaching a large slice of your target audience.

Target market reach

Using bulk mailing services is a simple, logical way to reach your target audience. Provided you have the right database to work from, a bulk mail marketing campaign is the most effective way to advertise to a large audience who is interested in your services. Sending addressed letters is a highly effective way of informing your target audience about your business and it has a much higher rate of receptivity when compared to other mass marketing solutions like television and radio. Bulk mail can be used to attract both new and existing customers and is a proven way to build up and maintain a strong customer base.

Direct Mail Solutions offers quality bulk mail services in Melbourne and are proud to provide turnkey marketing solutions to small and medium businesses.

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