Best Ways to Integrate Digital & Direct Marketing

Digital integration is becoming an increasingly important factor in direct mail marketing but it can be difficult to strike a harmonious balance between the two platforms. In this article, we look at 4 simple ways you can effectively integrate your digital and print marketing.  

  1. Add a digital link in your print media
    Creating a digital tie in to link your digital and print campaigns not only assists in integration, it also means you can do a lot more with this sometimes limiting medium both creatively and in terms of data tracking. Customised URLs are the most obvious digital tie in option and can be used so that customers can easily access a landing page, or even link to exclusive creative content that builds upon the brand identity you’ve set out in the print media.
  2. Offer exclusive benefits for mail subscribers
    One of the key reasons that people sign up to mailing lists is the promise of exclusive benefits like early access to sales and deals, as well as the latest industry news. This is an ideal option for businesses with an online store who need to remain competitive and ensures your target audience will remain engaged and interested in your print marketing.
  3. Be consistent
    Inconsistency and overlapping and two of the biggest threats to effective integration for small businesses. Often, businesses will have a website, several social feeds, and a mail marketing campaign that run independently to one another and in doing this, fail to effectively convey a consistent brand identity or offer consumers new and engaging content. One of the keys to integration is ensuring all of your marketing channels work in tandem as opposed to independently, with each channel offering slightly different content, benefits, or information so that your target audience is compelled to use more than one. This means creating a comprehensive marketing plan which covers what each channel will be working towards in a given period, and then ensuring the message and format is consistent with your brand identity.

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