4 Benefits of Shrink Wrapping your Mail

Making sure your direct mail arrives in the hands of your target audience in pristine can be a bit of a tricky process, with factors like the elements and awkwardly shaped mailboxes often compromising the quality of your carefully thought out advertising material. Thankfully, there are a plethora of ways to manage this problem and one of the best protective measures you can take is shrink wrapping your mail. This week, we take a look at four key benefits associated with shrink wrapping.


Shrink wrap is incredibly hard to damage and is thus the perfect option if you need to transport advertising materials over long distances. Once your products and shrink-wrapped, they can be stored in virtually any conditions without deterioration as shrink wrap is impervious to elements like moisture and humidity. When your mail does reach your target audience, the packaging creates a minimal mess and can be easily scrunched up and disposed of.


From a marketing perspective, shrink wrap is a great way to protect your products without obscuring their appearance. This kind of packaging makes it easy for consumers to see your marketing material, and can also help to increase brand awareness.


Finding packaging that can be adapted to a range of product shapes and sizes is often a challenge, but the flexibility of shrink wrap means it can be used to securely wrap and protect even the most awkward or uneven shapes. Shrink wrap can be used to fully enclose items and protect them from dirt, humidity and moisture. The ability of this packaging to wrap tightly around your product also means that it cannot move around and become damaged during transit.


When compared with other packaging options, shrink wrap is incredibly cost effective. Not only is the packaging itself low cost, uses 75% less material than corrugated products and produces minimal offcuts, it’s low volume and weight help to keep shipping costs to a minimum. From an environmental perspective, shrink wrap uses fewer resources and energy than any other packaging option.

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