4 Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes

Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool but it needs to be used strategically in order to get the best results. In this article, we examine some of the most common mistakes made in direct mail marketing campaigns and how you can avoid them.

Ignoring the customer

The key to great direct mail is writing content which speaks to the needs and desires of your customer rather than the features of your product. The customer plays a central role in this type of marketing as it only works if they feel compelled to act as a result of your letter, so it pays to think carefully about who your target audience is, and what your product or service provides for them. Personalisation can also strengthen your appeal to the customer, and addressing the letter or envelope to them can have a potent psychological impact.

Having the wrong kind of mailing list

All the glossy images, creative copy, and jaw dropping deals in the world wont help your direct mail marketing campaign succeed if you don’t have the right mailing list. It really does pay to do some preliminary research and test your mailing list before you dive into a fully fledged mailing campaign. First and foremost, you need to utilize your existing customer base, as research shows mailing to this group of people produces a response rate which is double that of outside lists. If you are renting a database, work closely with your provider to make sure you select the right mailing list for the niche your business is trying to fill and don’t design your mail out until after the right database has been decided upon.

Not testing

Companies that run large scale mailing campaigns use testing as part of their modus operandi and it really is the only clear-cut way to understand if your mail is having the desired effect. Large companies test everything from content to the formatting of the indicia to ensure they produce the most effective print media possible. Direct mail marketing can be unpredictable, what works in one industry does not necessarily work for another and even brand to brand there can be significant differences in what gets a response and what doesn’t. Even feedback from small scale testing can help you achieve a dramatically different response rate.

Not making an offer

Because direct mail marketing requires an active response from the reader, you need to offer a reward for their efforts. If a piece of mail advertising comes with an offer, then it becomes an item of value and something the customer is more likely to hold onto or display.

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