5 Benefits of Fulfilment Services for Online Retailers

If you have recently started selling goods online or have had your own eCommerce business for a while now, you may be giving some thought to outsourcing your order fulfilment. By getting a third party to receive, process and deliver your products to the end customer, you can grow and adapt to the changing needs of your business. Today, we explore 5 ways online retailers can benefit from utilsing fulfilment services.

You don’t need to hire staff

If your start-up or small business is currently a one-man show, there is a limited amount of orders you can handle. As soon as your business begins to grow or you hit a busy period, you are going to struggle to keep up with orders and risk losing customers if you can’t deliver their orders on time. If you hire staff to keep up with demand, you have to spend precious time recruiting, training and managing them. What’s more, you have to decide whether to hire permanent staff or employ people on a temporary basis, recruiting and training casual staff each time you need to fill the gaps.

On the other hand, if you outsource the work, then the company providing the fulfilment services will be responsible for finding, hiring and training the right people.

More time to focus on the important stuff

When you let a third party take care of your order fulfilment you can make better use of your time by focussing on more important business functions (tasks which are much harder to outsource). These tasks may include things like product sourcing, marketing, sales and company finances.

Save money

While handling order fulfilment yourself is pretty much free, you will find that hiring a company to fulfil and deliver your orders can save you money as your business grows. It is likely that the company providing the fulfilment services is operating at a larger scale than you. As a result, you can reap the benefits of their efficiencies and leverage their buying power on packaging and shipping costs.

You don’t need a warehouse

If you are taking care of all your own orders, you will need to lease or acquire a warehouse in which to store your stock. There are numerous costs associated with warehousing and a lot of maintenance issues to deal with include maintenance, security, pest control and of course the staff required to run the warehouse and equipment used for packaging and despatch.

Fulfil your orders faster

Companies providing fulfilment services specialise in warehousing and shipment. Therefore, they have order processing systems, experienced personnel and technologically advanced equipment which mean that your orders are likely to arrive at the end customer’s door faster than you could possibly get them there on your own.

Direct Mail Solutions offer world-class fulfilment services which can be tailored to meet your specific freight and warehousing needs. Whether you require an eCommerce pick and pack solution, subscription mail-out processing or custom mail fulfilment you can depend on our order fulfilment experts to make sure your orders arrive on time, every time.

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