Great Reasons To Outsource Mail Distribution

Are you a small or medium business who currently managed their own letterbox distribution requirements? Whilst keeping mail distribution in-house is often necessary for start-ups, it makes little financial or practical sense for an established business. This week, we take a look at a few key reasons why it’s better to outsource your mail distribution and fulfilment requirements.

Focus on your core competencies

When you outsource your mail distribution and fulfilment needs, you no longer have to waste time and money managing logistics and can instead focus on growing your business and doing what you do best.

Access to the latest technology

Outsourcing your mail distribution requirements to a professional mail house also means that you no longer have to make do with the limited resources you have in-house. Most mail houses will be able to offer you technologically advanced mail marketing solutions which will augment your marketing efforts and ultimately help you run your campaign more effectively.

Cost effective

Whilst managing your requirements in-house might seem like a cost effective solution, it actually works out to be more expensive than outsourcing. Factors like storage space, moving equipment, utilities, packing suppliers, racking, maintenance, security and insurance can become quite costly if you’re a small or medium sized business. A professional mail distribution house on the other hand is able to distribute these types of costs across multiple clients, to keep costs low for you.

Fully scalable

A mail distribution house offers services which are totally scalable, so you only ever have to pay for the services you need. This means fulfilment expenses are predictable and can be scaled up or down depending on your business requirements.

More efficient storage and distribution

If you’re not a mailing house, wasting valuable office space on mail distribution and fulfilment is a waste of space you could otherwise be using for productivity purposes. Distribution is also more time consuming and expensive if you do it in-house, as most SME’s aren’t partnered with logistics companies in the way that professional mail houses are.

Direct Mail Solutions are an established mailing house that can seamlessly manage your mail distribution and fulfilment requirements.

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