5 Graphic Design Principles That You Should Know

These days, it’s increasingly easy to create your own designs. Whether that be through design software or online tools, there are few things design novices should know before starting any new marketing campaign. In this week’s article, we’ll be running through 5 graphic design principles that are handy to know.

Repetition is Key

Regardless of the purpose of your design project, repeating elements throughout it can be amazingly effective. Repetition helps to guide the viewer through the design, as well as helping to emphasise certain parts of what you’ve created.

An Eye On Alignment

We read from left to right, so designing with this in mind can be a smart move. However, there are many other ways to align the different elements within your design. Many start off with a centred alignment, but you can also scatter elements around the page! As long as your design has purpose, and guides the viewer through your content logically, it can appear as though it is random yet fun.

Consider Contrast

One of the most important design principles, contrast gives your design a sense of balance. This can help you to effectively communicate the message behind the design. To incorporate contrast, play around with colour, size, alignment… the list goes on and on!

Think About Proximity

Referring to the way in which different elements are grouped together, proximity allows the viewer to see different parts of the design. Ensure that similar elements are linked together, so that your design remains logical.

Negative or White space

One of more underrated design principles, white space allows your design to breathe. It also helps to draw the viewer to specified parts of your design for streamlined communication.

Whether you’re a design guru, or someone who has never thought about design, having these principles behind your marketing campaign can help you immensely.

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