5 Key Envelope Printing Points to Consider

Envelopes are an often overlooked element in direct mail marketing. While most businesses tend to put an enormous amount of thought into the formatting and content of their mail advertising, they tend to conceptualise the envelope as no more than a casing for their marketing material. Underestimating the significance of an envelope’s appearance and formatting is an enormous mistake as when you think about it, the envelope functions as the customer’s first impression of your business, and a recent Nielsen study uncovered that the kind of envelope used can have a significant impact on whether or not the content inside is read. In this article, we look at five key factors which businesses need to consider when designing an envelope for their direct mail marketing campaign.


envelope-printingWhilst standard envelopes, wrappers, and self mailers might be more cost effective, the Nielsen study suggests that the printed envelope is substantially more effective when it comes to enticing consumers. In the study, 84.5% of recipients opened and read the contents of printed envelopes; that’s 8.9% more than the number which opened and read standard envelopes.


White is of course the traditional colour for envelopes but that doesn’t mean you should stick to the status quo. Choosing a bright colour or even something just slightly out of the ordinary (like the less common yellow envelope) will catch your customer’s eye the moment they look in their mailbox.

Texture and weight

Choosing a high quality envelope with a heavier paper weight not only appeals to the recipient’s sense of touch, it also frames your brand as one concerned with quality and customer care.


The font in which the envelope is addressed can also have a strong impact on whether your customer opens it or not so it’s worth experimenting. Using classic fonts like Times New Roman or Arial will give your mail a professional, almost formal appeal, whilst sharper, cleaner designs can help your brand appear current and fresh.


When it comes to addressing your envelope, the results from the Nielson poll clearly indicate that people are much more likely to open mail if it is personally addressed to them.

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