5 Reasons Direct Mail is Still Effective

In this dynamic digital age we spend a large portion of our day on our internet-enabled devices and are bombarded by thousands of online advertisements. As relatively new digital advertising formats such as video advertising, sponsored content and native advertising expand their reach, is there still a place for direct mail in the marketing world? Recent research tells us the answer is ‘yes’.

Australian consumers have cited direct mail as more effective in influencing purchase decisions than email and tele-marketing plus outdoor, social media and online display advertising.  Let’s examine the top 5 reasons why direct mail is still having a major impact on consumer behaviour in an environment dominated by digital communication.

You Can Touch It

Direct mail delivers a tactile experience and extra dimension to the brand experience that online advertisements cannot. You can feel the glossy pages of a catalogue, the quality of an envelope or the weight of a package. Receiving something shiny and colourful in the mail can actually brighten up a day filled with endless emails and text messages.

It’s Targeted

One of the many benefits of direct mail marketing is that it can be tailored precisely to the needs of your target audience. You are likely to open a mail item that is relevant to your interests or appeals to your preferences. A mum who’s always on the lookout for healthy meal ideas for her children is likely to be interested in a grocery store magazine containing recipes for nutritious and fun cuisine.

Less Distractions

When you collect your mail these days a direct mail piece may be one of just a few items you find in your letterbox. During those few seconds in which we open the mail we don’t have to worry about a barrage of emails, display ads, and in-app notifications all bidding for our attention simultaneously.

People Love Free Stuff

Today the majority of consumers are looking for value for money and convenience. If you found a coupon in your letterbox which entitled you to a freebie or discount at local business and the product or service was something you needed, would you be likely to use it? My point, exactly.

We’re Wired for Print Marketing

Recent research suggests direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, inferring that it’s easier to understand and more memorable.

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