Reasons To Use Catalogue Marketing

Catalogues are one of the most established forms of marketing but the way that we use them has changed. Up until the turn of the century, most businesses used catalogues as a medium for direct response from customers who would either call up or fill out a form to purchase the goods listed in the catalogue. In 2016, industry leading brands like Ikea, Country Road, Myer and David Jones all use catalogues to create an aspirational brand image that resonates with their target audience and inspires them to seek out products online or in store. In this article, we take a closer look at 5 of the key advantages that catalogues offer as a marketing tool.


One of the key functions of modern catalogue marketing is to place products in an aspirational ‘real world’ context that inspires the reader. The most effective catalogues function as ‘look books’ with a storyline that engages the reader and explores the potential of the products. For example, interior design brands like Ikea tend to advertise their products in rooms which provide them with a context and create an atmosphere that the reader can place themselves in.

Brand identity

Another advantage of contextual advertising is the opportunity to emerge the reader in the world of the brand and providing them with an emotional experience where they can engage with products on a level that transcends the online or in store experience.

Targeted marketing

Catalogues and brochures, even albums,  are a great way to follow up an online purchase as they tend to work best with a targeted audience who has already shown interest in a brand or product range. Placing a catalogue inside an order is a great way to reinforce your brand identity with the customer and encourage them to shop with you in future.


As a medium, catalogues makes it incredibly easy to communicate product details like size, look, colour, and function. This is important as many shoppers are discouraged from making purchases online due to a dearth of information or a lack of confidence about what the product will look like once it arrive. On the other hand, consumers tend to trust product representations in catalogues, and find them eaisier to navigate for information.

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