BestvWays to Incorporate a Christmas Theme In Your Marketing

Christmas is without a doubt one of the biggest retail events of the year. In 2015, Australian retail sales surged to a new high in the pre-Christmas trading period between November 15 to December 25 of $47 billion Australian dollars, or 4.2% more than was spent on Christmas in 2014. 2016 is shaping up to be another record breaking retail season but to get the most out of this time of year, business owners really need to get into the festive spirit with a thematically based marketing campaign. This week, we take a look at 5 Christmas marketing ideas that small businesses can incorporate into their seasonal advertising campaign.

  1. Consider sending greeting cards

Bolster your relationship with your established client base with a non-soliciting greeting card that expresses your appreciation for their custom over the course of the year. These greeting cards should be seen as an exercise in branding and customer appreciation to build loyalty, so avoid making a sales pitch or soliciting a purchase. For especially loyal or big spending customers, consider writing a personal message acknowledging their support and generosity.

  1. Get in early

The best kind of Christmas marketing campaign is a sustained one that starts at the beginning of the pre-Christmas trading period and advertises all the way through to boxing day. Start with a catalogue mailing campaign in mid November and then follow up with postcards and flyers reminding your consumer base of what’s on offer.

  1. Celebrate with an event

Christmas is all about community and there are plenty of festive activities you can harness to get customers engaging with your brand including concerts, Santa visits, carolling and of course parties.

  1. Get involved in charity

Generosity to those less fortunate is a strong theme which emerges during the Christmas season and it is the perfect opportunity for your business to give back to a worth cause. Charity participation also has plenty of benefits for businesses as it can help you network and build your brand profile. The best way to get your business involved in charity is by running an event or campaign that gets your customers involved such as a food drive or giving tree.

  1. Keep your target audience in focus

Because so much of the money spent in the pre-Christmas retail period is on presents, you need to keep in mind that your target audience during this period is not necessarily the person who will be using the product, but rather the person who will be gifting it. As such, your marketing should be focused on solving the problem of the gifter which is namely, finding the right kind of present. One of the best ways to market to this type of consumer is with flyers and posters that have slogans like ‘the ultimate gift for the person who has everything’.

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