6 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for 2016

New Year’s is all about making a fresh start and planning for a successful year ahead. There’s no better time to launch a new direct mail marketing campaign than when all of your customers are open to change and looking for ways to improve their lives.

Here are our top six New Year’s direct marketing ideas for beginning 2016 with a bang:

Launch new products & services

New Year’s is the ideal time to add new products and services to your offering. You might like to kick off the campaign with a New Year’s Day sale in which you launch your new product and offer a discount or giveaway when customers purchase this new item. You can tell your existing customers and members of your mailing list about this campaign in your 2016 catalogue or in eye-catching campaign flyers. You could make the flyers look like VIP invitations to a glamorous New Year’s Eve party or tickets to the event. Your customers will then need to bring the invitation to your store or office to gain access to the discount or giveaway. You can add a discount code to the flyer for online orders. That way you can track your campaign success effectively.

Run a New Year’s themed promotion

You don’t need to have a new product or service to run a promotion. After the festivities are over, you can show your customers that you appreciate that finances are often tough at the start of the year after Christmas expenses. Your direct mail marketing campaign could encourage customers to take advantage of “Summer Savers” or “New Year’s Day Deals” where they are given access to discounts on particular products or even all their January orders. You campaign could prove to be the difference between a sluggish or vibrant start to your 2016.

Celebrate Australia Day

Another great occasion on which to run direct mail marketing campaigns is Australia Day, especially if your products are made in Australia or your company is Australian owned. It’s the perfect chance to highlight your “Australianness” and celebrate all things Australian by giving your customers or members something special such as a free gift, discount or invitation to an event.

Help everyone make New Year’s resolutions

Everyone loves making New Year’s resolutions. You can give your customers ideas for potential resolutions to follow in the New Year with your direct mail marketing campaign. Try telling them how they can have a better year in 2016 by using your product or service, or explain how switching to your brand from a competitor will make their lives better.

Here are a couple of examples:

“This year I am going to get fit with Company ABC’s fantastic new personal training program.”

“Get organised in 2016 with our wonderful new range of personal organisers and diaries.”

You could even suggest your customers resolve to stop paying high prices or putting up with poor customer service and switch to your company. Alternatively, you could tell your customers what your resolutions are for the new year e.g. “This year, we will offer all of our loyal customers more benefits than ever before including free gifts, VIP events and exclusive offers.”

Update your mailing list

As with any direct mail campaign, your New Year’s promotions should be targeted at the right audience. You should review and update your mailing list of your current customers to make sure your message is going to arrive at the right destinations. Alternatively, Direct Mail Solutions can help you choose the right target audience and the right way to reach them with our expert data solutions. A good database is essential to the success of your New Year’s direct mail marketing campaign.

Get help from the experts

Get the most out of your direct mail marketing campaign by outsourcing your mailing to direct mail specialists like the team at DMS! Our direct mailing team will take care of every step of the mailing process from print to delivery, and we can even help you with campaign planning.

Use these direct mail tips to keep your business “front of mind” for your target audience both in the new year and beyond. Happy New Year!

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