7 Leaflet Design and Copy Tips to Ensure a Good ROI

Although they might seem like one in the same, there is a difference between good leaflet design, and leaflet design that sells products or services. Presenting your target audience with the right message in the right format is a subtle art, but one which can be learnt. This week, we take a look at a few tried and true layout, design, and content techniques which can encourage customers to buy from your business.

  1. Choose pictures with people in them

More specifically, choose images that represent your target audience, in situations that they can relate to.

  1. Offer something free

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that people were more likely to spend money on something when given a free material gift (even one that had nothing to do with the product or service being offered)

  1. Anthropomorphise your product

The more human a product is, the more likely consumers are to feel connected to it. Turning your product into a cute cartoon enables people to project thoughts and emotions onto the object, and empathise with it.

  1. Imply scarcity

Fear of missing out (FOMO) drives sales as consumers often equate scarcity with value and popularity. Putting a time limit on your offer or implying you have limited stock is a great way to do this and provoke immediate action as consumers also don’t like the prospect of a choice being taken away from them.

  1. Provide statistics

Use peer pressure to convince your target audience that what you are offering is desirable. Phrases like ‘9 out of 10 people prefer…’ encourage purchases as consumers perceive the product or service to already have the stamp of approval from their peers.

  1. Invest in quality printing and design materials

Widespread access to printing and computer design technology means it’s possible for every business to print marketing materials, but the way to stand out is by spending a little extra on quality design, thicker paper, and high quality colour printing.

  1. Motivate, don’t close

Don’t pressure your target audience into making a sale. Instead, use your leaflet to garner interest and intrigue that results in them following up by contacting your business or going to your website. Instead of issuing orders (i.e. buy this), invite curiosity (i.e. learn more about this).

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