7 Ways to Target a Male Audience

In the world of advertising just as everywhere else, there is a big difference between what appeals to men and what appeals to women. This week, we run through seven marketing tactics which are proven to attract a male audience.

  1. Be visual

Men respond strongly to visual stimulus, so aspirational imagery or product shots work much more efficiently than detailed written information or testimonials.

  1. Acknowledge the metro male, but don’t go overboard

Whilst it’s true that more and more men are taking an interest in personal care products, the majority of men are not the hyper sensitive and superficial metrosexuals that the media would have us believe. Whilst the modern man does care more about his appearance and taking care of himself, he’s still influenced by traditional masculinity and will be alienated by advertising that conforms to masculine or feminine extremes.

  1. Reputation is everything

A Massey University study in 2008 found that whilst women tend to shop by comparing products and searching for the best price, men prefer to shop in one place and focus on brand, rather than price.

  1. Focus on the big picture

From a neurological perspective, men tend to glaze over the details and focus on the bigger picture and this can be harnessed in advertising by keeping things simple and emphasising only the main highlights, rather than overwhelming the reader with details.

  1. See the funny side

Studies suggest that men respond strongly to humorous advertising, particularly ads which use spoofs or black humour.

  1. Get creative

Whilst women tend to prefer relatable ads which show the product or service solving a problem in everyday life, men tend to respond more strongly towards creative advertising which departs from reality.

  1. Don’t forget about women

Studies suggest that women play a role in around 90% of household purchasing decisions, so even if your target market is primarily male, it’s important to avoid alienating women with your advertising, as there’s a very good chance that your target male will consult a female partner or family member before making a final purchasing decision.

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