8 Tips for Effective Leaflet Design

Designing a leaflet that stands out to your target audience amongst all the other direct mail can be a challenge. This week, we run through eight quick tips to take your leaflet design to the next level.

  1. Be consistent

The key to effective branding is repetition and consistency, so make sure all of the elements included in your leaflet like colour, font, imagery and layout all conform to your pre-existing branding.

  1. Use content sparingly

Effective leaflet content focuses on the problems that your product or service can solve, and why you are more effective than your competitors. Minimal content, with graphs, charts or images to convey this information is ideal, as it means the reader can take away the core message of your leaflet after no more than a glance.

  1. Don’t forget a call to action

The purpose of a leaflet is to move the reader into the next stage of the sales cycle, and this can’t be done without a call to action. Invite the reader to visit our website, send an email to get a free quote, or call up to receive personalised advice.

  1. Make sure your design appeals to your target audience

Use your knowledge of your target audience to inform your design. Whilst choosing something edgy and slick might fit in with the prevailing design trends, it may not align with the tastes and mindset of your target audience.

  1. Understand the effect of matte and glossy finishes

The finish on your leaflet can play a role in the way you want your company to be perceived. Matte finished tend to look more professional, and are well suited to B2B marketing, whilst glossy finishes which draw attention to product images are favoured in the retail sector.

  1. Put the benefits in bold

Draw in the reader’s eye by using the benefits of your product as the headings or subheadings of your document. This makes it easier for the reader to note the key advantages of your product.

  1. Create a strong heading

Make your leaflet catch the readers eye with a heading that addresses the biggest benefit that your product provides to customers.

  1. Don’t skimp on images

Provide visual stimulus to draw in the reader with graphs, product pictures, or aspirational imagery. If you don’t have the funds to invest in a photo-shoot and are using stock images, try to find images that aren’t immediately identifiable as the bland, generic stock images your competitors are using.

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