Advantages of direct mail marketing for business

Navigating through the marketing noise can be quite challenging. However, CEO’s and marketing departments and specialists are finding an effective way to reconnect with customers by leveraging the many advantages of direct mail marketing for business.

Direct mail offers an engaging experience that builds trust and captures attention. It’s particularly effective for reaching elusive decision-makers and busy executives.

But is direct mail cost-effective? Can it deliver a reliable return on investment? And is it suitable for your business?

Keep reading for insights on these questions and more, or jump to the section of your interest:

What is direct mail marketing?

Effectiveness of direct mail marketing

Additional advantages of direct mail

How to launch a direct mail campaign

Examples of direct mail

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What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail, also known as bulk mail, is a marketing strategy that involves sending physical letters, packages, brochures, postcards, and similar items to a targeted list of potential and current customers. This method is used in both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) sales, though it is more commonly employed in consumer marketing.

Key Components of Direct Mail:

Personalisation: Direct mail can be highly personalised, which makes recipients feel valued. This personal touch can be achieved through addressing the recipient by name, including tailored offers, and using customised content that speaks directly to their interests or needs.

Tangible Experience: Unlike digital marketing, direct mail provides a physical item that recipients can hold, read, and keep. This tangibility often results in a more memorable impression compared to digital messages that can be easily overlooked or deleted.

Direct mail can take many forms, including:

• Letters: Often used for formal communication or personalised messages

• Postcards: Ideal for brief messages, announcements, or reminders

• Brochures: Useful for providing detailed information about products or services

• Catalogues: Effective for showcasing a range of products with detailed descriptions and images

• Packages: Can include promotional items, samples, or gifts to create a more impactful experience

Direct mail allows businesses to target specific demographics, geographic areas, or customer segments with strategic letterbox distribution. This targeting can be based on various criteria, such as purchasing history, customer preferences, or market research data.

Direct mail can also complement other marketing channels, this is known as ‘hybrid mail‘ and incorporates digital channels such as email, social media, and online advertising. By integrating direct mail with digital campaigns, businesses can create a cohesive and multi-touchpoint strategy that enhances overall effectiveness.

Applications in B2C and B2B

• B2C marketing: In consumer markets, direct mail is often used for promotions, sales announcements, new product launches, and loyalty programs. For example, a retail store might send out discount coupons or seasonal catalogues to encourage repeat purchases and drive foot traffic to their physical locations

• B2B marketing: In business markets, direct mail is utilised for lead generation, nurturing relationships, and account-based marketing (ABM). For instance, a software company might send informational brochures or exclusive event invitations to key decision-makers in target companies to build awareness and foster long-term partnerships

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Effectiveness of direct mail marketing

While digital marketing offers numerous channels, it’s easy for businesses to overlook the effectiveness of direct mail letterbox drops. However, there are several reasons to consider it for your next campaign.

People appreciate receiving mail. Digital media is omnipresent in our lives. According to research by Australia Post, 63% of Australians feel overwhelmed by digital device management. Direct mail presents a refreshing alternative.

• 68% of Gen Z look forward to receiving print mail

• 45% of Gen X feel direct mail is more personal than digital communication

• Many millennials find direct mail more secure and are likely to take action, such as visiting a website or store, after receiving it

Higher response rates compared to email. A report by Sensis on Australian consumer behaviour indicates:

• 52% prefer direct mail for new brand interactions

• 47% of consumers over 35 believe direct mail is more significant than email

• 59% are motivated to act by direct mail

Effective for account-based marketing (ABM). ABM focuses on personalised experiences for high-value accounts. Direct mail enhances this by allowing outreach without initial permission, unlike email, making it easier to connect with potential customers.

Reaches multiple household Mmembers. With more Australians living in multi-person households, direct mail can engage multiple members within the same household, increasing the chances of a response.

Less competition than email. While email marketing is saturated, direct mail faces significantly less competition, making it easier to stand out.

Creative and memorable outreach. Direct mail allows for creative expression, whether through postcards, gifts, or handwritten notes, making your message more memorable.

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Additional advantages of direct mail

High ROI: According to the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), direct mail campaigns in Australia can achieve up to 120% ROI, outperforming many digital channels.

Compliance with privacy laws: Direct mail provides an alternative to digital outreach, which is often restricted by GDPR and similar regulations.

Enhanced ABM efforts: Integrating direct mail into your ABM strategy can strengthen relationships with key accounts through personalised and tangible content.

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How to launch a direct mail campaign

  1. Identify our target audience. Be specific about the group you want to reach. Personalise your marketing to appeal to your mailing list
  2. Update your mailing list. Ensure your mailing list is accurate and up-to-date. Regular mailings can help verify address accuracy
  3. Provide value to your customers. Offer unique and useful items that keep your brand top of mind. Personalised touches, like handwritten notes, add significant value
  4. Design an attractive mail piece. Focus on designing something your customer will want to keep. Consider size, colours, images, and paper quality to make your mail stand out
  5. Refine your call-to-action. Ensure your CTA is clear, valuable, and easy to act on. A single, compelling CTA is often most effective
  6. Focus on details. Pay attention to every detail, from audience research to design, to ensure a memorable campaign. A creative brief can help align your team
  7. Measure your results. Track response rates, ROI, and other metrics like QR code scans and promo code usage. Use this data to refine future campaigns
Gender-specific targeting

Examples of direct mail

• Postcards: Simple and effective for quick messages and strong visuals

• Personalised items: Names or handwritten notes add a personal touch

• Trade show giveaways: Items like magnets or sticky notes are useful and memorable

• Tech integrations: Interactive experiences with VR or personalised URLs

• Voice-activated CTAs: Use smart-speaker commands for a novel interaction

• Swag boxes: Sending a collection of branded items can delight recipients

• Content kits: Printed versions of popular resources engage recipients more deeply

• Catalogs: Highlight products with stunning photography and clear calls to action

• Free samples: Introduce new products through direct mail samples

• B2B gifts: Tailored items that address industry-specific needs can make a significant impact

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Can direct mail marketing boost your business?

Direct mail offers a unique opportunity to stand out in both B2B and B2C markets. With the right approach, it can be affordable, easy to create, and simple to track.

Start your next direct mail project today and see how it can kickstart conversations with your prospects and customers in a way they won’t expect.

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