Are You Overspending on Bulk Mailing?

Bulk mailing can be an inexpensive path to driving traffic to your local store or increasing your overall revenue. To ensure that you are not overspending on your bulk mailing campaign, we’ve prepared a list of cost-effective practices to lessen expenditure.

1. Understand the costs of bulk mailing.

Before engaging the service, it is wise to check with your service provider the necessary expenses to cover in sending out bulk mail campaigns. This will allow you to plan and prepare costs you are comfortable and able to spend.

2. Clean Your Mailing List.

Sanitise your list as frequent as you can. Make it a habit to check and remove bad addresses and duplicated recipients.

If you are sending mail to the incorrect address, or inexistent contacts make you waste money on postage and ultimately on your campaign. Periodically cleansing your mailing lists with duplicates, past customers and deceased recipients will lessen your bulk mailing costs and improve the return of your letterbox distribution efforts.

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3. Plan Your Campaigns.

It easy to get lost in the process of creating content for your bulk mail campaign, often, the absence of proper planning and project time allocation will cause irreversible mistakes and money loss. Planning your content, design and distribution will help you minimise errors before printing and send- out. Unlike online campaigns, the error in print media will require higher costs in reproduction and correction alone.

4. Watch out for dimensional pricing.

Postage costs rely on size and weight content being mailed. Keep a list of dimensional pricing handy in your office or during pre-planning of material. Send a postcard instead of a letter. Opt for specially designed coupons to drive traffic to your store or get them to visit your website.

bulk mailing templates

5. Respect Your Recipients Option to Unsubscribe.

This is a way of telling them that you value their privacy and preferences. This is also a better way to trim down your list and save on unnecessary postage costs. Sending repeat mailing to recipients who will send them directly to trash is a total waste of your money.

6. Presort Your Mail Accordingly to Avail Special Discounts.

Direct mail providers normally presort mail to ensure faster and more efficient delivery. The local postal office appreciates less work forwarded to them and will offer you a discount in return. Presort by zip code or presort by distribution centres. There are many ways to ease out the process of bulk mailing and get better rates in return.

7. Stay within your postal services regulations.

Bulk mailing is an effective advertising strategy for any business. Be mindful of postal services rules and regulations to ensure fast and efficient service. It will be inconvenient to have everything ready for send-out only to find out that your chosen wrapping or envelope is too heavy for the standard rate. You may have gone too crafty that it affects the weight of the mail, and will require you to cover a more hefty postage fee or worst, you will be asked to recreate and repack, whereby you incur additional costs and charges, not to mention the time involved in ensuring your mailings are compliant to postal regulations.

A local service mailing provider like Direct Mail Solutions understands the prerequisites of postal services. Contracting them for your bulk mailing will significantly reduce the stress in understanding every regulation.

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