Benefits of Letterbox Distribution for a Business

There’s a wide range of marketing tools readily available to small to medium business today. Even with the advent of digital media advertising, traditional media is still a potent source of prospects if done right.

Today, letterbox distribution has been overlooked but the benefits when it comes to sales is undeniable.

There has been a struggle whether to opt for Social Media Paid advertising or settle for the old letterbox distribution channel.
Most business of any size, have joined the bandwagon and started focusing their marketing efforts online utilizing Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram for the simple reason that these platforms offer a wider reach of the target market.

Here are the most notable benefits of Letterbox Distribution

Targeted Marketing

target marketing

Letterbox distribution contains a marketing flyer that can grab prospected buyers’ attention geographically at a lower cost. There is a guarantee that the prospected buyer will get a hold of the information himself. A well- presented flyer offers products and services that prospects are looking into at the right time. An example would be a pool cleaning business, they can easily send out flyers as soon as summer comes knocking to residential with private pools.


poster design

Letterbox distribution provides flyers that communicate with easy to read and understand promotional content. Its often time presented in a simple, minimal design that limits distraction on the customer’s end, allowing you to convey your message across. Flyers effectively inform your customer why your products and services are useful and should be considered and bought for their home, business or practice.

Easily accessible

man reading from letterbox distribution

Letterbox distribution is effective because of its direct placement into the customer’s view, simply put, it is delivered right at their doorstep. Flyer come in physical form and can’t be easily missed, there’s 90% chance of your flyers being soon as your prospects start checking the rest of their mailbox.

Note also that marketing flyers distributed, gets you instant contact with your prospects and you can easily assess how they respond to your products or services. Imagine during Expos, when all service providers come together and circle the venue with their flyers, almost 80% instantly visits the booth when they get a flyer promotion, allowing you to have a first-hand contact and almost instant conversion as soon as you answer their questions.

Easy to produce

easy to produce

Letterbox promotional content needs no extensive planning. All you need is a design with your offers in it. Have a layout and print it. Unlike any other form of marketing, flyers need no extensive planning.

Letterbox flyers are fast, easy and convenient. It does not take too much planning and understanding. It instantly develops trust in your company. If you offer is beneficial to your prospects you can see results. If you are looking to improve your marketing with the use of letterbox materials, Direct Mail Solutions specializes in flyers and paper mailing.

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