How to harness the power of printed calendars to market your business

Ever thought about printed calendar marketing for your business? If you want eyes on your marketing material every time someone schedules an event, checks a birthday, or makes a note, it’s a great idea! 

If you’re looking for a way to market your business that’s more eye-catching than a flyer, longer-lasting than a business card, and more practical than most other forms of advertising… A calendar could be the best choice!

Here’s why and how to do it.


Why printed calendar marketing?

We all have calendars on our phones. So why would anyone need an actual paper calendar anymore? You’d be surprised, but old-school printed calendars are a popular choice at our printing shop for business across Australia.

One, they take your nose out of the phone! And two, they’re easier to quickly search through to find a particular date, or scribble a note down on. Desk pad calendars, in particular, are common on the desks of business people for quick note-taking. In the home and on office walls, calendars with beautiful pictures add to the ambience.

Which means that if your advertising is on that calendar, every time they scribble or marvel at the picture, they’re subconsciously taking note of your business. Put your contact details on it, and when they need your services, you’ll be top of mind.

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Using calendars in your direct mail campaign

Calendar direct mail marketing is great for B2B businesses. Sending out a stack of desk pad calendars to local businesses means they’ll have your marketing in their offices for the next year. Chances are they won’t pass up free calendars, because everyone needs one!

If you’re a B2C business, it may be more manageable to send something smaller through the mail. A4 desk pads, A5 tent calendars, or small wall calendars are always used, and you could leverage to cost-effectiveness of a bulk mail campaign.

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How to design and create an attractive business calendar 

It’s more than just grabbing a template and sticking in some generic free images, here’s what we suggest to create an attractive mail marketing calendar.

Choose your calendar format 

Keep the target audience in mind here. What would suit them? A large desk pad? A wall poster? Maybe something smaller, like a desktop tent calendar or a purse calendar. Think about how and when they’re likely to use it.

A B2B client would probably get the best use of a desk pad or a desktop calendar. On the other hand, if you’re sending calendars out to the public with a letterbox distribution campaign, a wall calendar complete with stunning images or a handbag calendar may be more practical.

Choose a calendar theme 

Themes are fun and help you to design the calendar more easily. Desk pads and those sorts of calendars don’t really need one, but any calendar with pictures should stick to a theme. If you can, make it something related to your business, but something you can still find eye-catching pictures of!

Chill on the branding 

Don’t overdo it on the branding. Your logo and company name should be on every page, but don’t try too hard to sell yourself on this marketing material. Make sure it looks sleek, stylish, and good-looking—not gaudy or cluttered.

Print it in advance 

Make sure you print your calendars well before the end of the year so your clients have them in-hand at the start of the new year. Printing in advance is a critical part of calendar marketing!

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