Can Direct Mail Marketing Really be An Effective Tool for Your Business?

Well and truly before digital marketing came about, direct mail marketing was one of the most common ways to promote a business, product or service. This traditional marketing technique was effective in generating fast and targeted results. With its many benefits, direct mail marketing it still effective today, even in the digital age.

Here’s why direct mail marketing is still relevant and how you can use it to promote your business.

Direct Mail is, Direct; targeting the right audience, at the right time.

The greatest advantage of direct mail marketing is that it’s highly targeted to your business’ ideal demographic. It allows you to post flyers and other promotional materials directly to your customer’s front door through cost-effective letterbox distribution.

Direct mail marketing works best when a business has a clear indication of their demographics, including age and location. Additionally, they must have a good understanding of what suburbs are home to their ideal demographics, or what demographic makes up the majority of certain geographic areas. This information becomes even more clearer if you’re simply promoting a local business. Perhaps you’ve just opened up a store in the suburb, or you’re not generating as many customers as you’d like, This marketing lets people know that your business is close to them, which will encourage them to visit you.

Receiving promotional mail is even more effective nowadays, as it’s likely to stand out and grab the consumers attention. That’s because people generally receive less hard copy mail, so there’s less noise for the promotional mail to get lost in, especially if it’s unique and creative in design.

A highly targeted approach, combined with the advantage of standing out, makes direct mail marketing an effective tool for your business.

It has a Highly tangible advantage

Direct mail marketing has a particular advantage over its digital counterparts, and even more so in the digital age. Traditional styles of marketing incorporate the “good old days,” so why not use this to stand out amongst a predominantly digital crowd? Traditional marketing collateral is tangible, and engages more senses than digital marketing does. This simple advantage makes the  marketing messages, and the experience of consuming them, more memorable. You’re more likely to remember touching, holding and reading a psychical flyer than you are scrolling across a digital advertisement. Digital advertisements have more “digital noise” around them and only encourage you to use one of your five senses, which makes it easier to forget or to even ignore altogether.

Physical flyers and pamphlets can be put up on the fridge or left on the bench, allowing them to be a constant reminder of what they’re promoting. Additionally, tangible marketing collateral can appear more favourable to consumers. Consumers can appreciate the effort put into creating the material and targeting the message to them, specifically. It’s also a chance to make the material impressive, creative and unique.

There’s a reason that we haven’t changed everything to digital form. It’s the tangible advantage that carries more meaning and is more memorable.

It saves a lot on marketing costs

Compared to other tools and techniques, direct mail marketing is a very cost-effective method. Businesses can work within a predetermined budget and can monitor exact costs. Whatever marketing material you choose to print and mail, you’re usually given a range of options to suit your budget. Although it’s a low-cost method, direct mail marketing produces effective and measurable results. So, cost doesn’t compromise on quality.

Businesses don’t have to work against large budgets to promote their products or services.

Its Surprisingly easy to measure results

One of the most important aspects of marketing is measuring the success of each campaign. Measuring and analysing results allows you to make an informed judgement on how to approach marketing campaigns in the future.

Direct mail marketing is easy to track and allows to measure the success of the campaign efficiently. Depending on your business, and what you’re trying to promote, direct mail marketing should include some type of conversion tool. Conversion is the process of turning potential leads into paying customers. Marketing flyers should include things like order forms, applications, QR codes, vouchers and other incentives.

Even in the age of digital marketing, traditional marketing methods such as direct mail marketing are still highly beneficial and effective for promoting businesses.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer direct mail marketing services to drive new business, boost sales and nurture relationships with customers. We work with your business to tailor each campaign to your target market. Additionally, we take care of your printing and packaging requirements.

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