Construct an Effective Catalogue Marketing Campaign

If you have an e-commerce business, a physical store, or a combination of the two, one of the best ways to market your products is with a dedicated catalogue. Catalogues are a great way to attract new customers, and offer impressively high ROI compared to other print marketing mediums. To work, a catalogue must be engaging, attractive and full of all the information needed for easy conversions. To design and distribute a winning catalogue campaign, try implementing the following tactics.

Build brand identity

You should treat each catalogue you send out as a way to represent and build your brand identity. Choose a design aesthetic that fits with your existing logo and theme and stick with it. If you’re selling luxury items, you’ll need to give your catalogue a luxury feel with elements such as embossing, metallic trims and a glossy or high quality matte paper grade. If you’re targeting families, family friendly imagery, clear, clean fonts, and bright colours are all good design choices. Most importantly, you need a standout cover that clearly displays what your brand offers, while also maintaining a sense of intrigue and encourages recipients to learn more.

Enticing product descriptions and photos are a must

The level of detail you put into your product descriptions will depend on how you are selling them. If you’re selling products online, you can save the bulk of your product descriptions for your online listings, if you’re selling products in a physical store, you will want to provide a short but detailed description for each item which can be followed up on when buyers come to check them out in person, and finally, if you’re selling directly through the catalogue, the product description should be as detailed as possible. Since catalogues are highly visual, you will need to include professional, styled photographs of your products. Real life settings are the best way to showcase your products: You want to give consumers an idea of what your products will look like in their home, or warn by them etc.

Promotions and exclusive offers

Recipients of your catalogue will be much more likely to make a purchase or otherwise interact with your brand if you offer them some sort of special deal, such as a coupon/discount code, a free gift with their purchase, or even product samples. Encourage repeat purchases with a loyalty program and put a time limit on exclusive offers to create a sense of urgency.

By ensuring these elements are included in your next catalogue marketing campaign, you can maximise your ROI. Direct Mail Solutions offer end-to-end direct mail services, including catalogue mailing. Our catalogue mailing services don’t just cover distribution, but also design, printing, and targeted mailing lists.

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