Creative Ideas for Eye-Catching Brochures

With competition increasing everywhere, innovation and creativity are what makes you stand out from the others. After spending time, effort and money you are looking for results.
People receive many brochures in a day and many are probably thrown away without a glance. What are the chances that your brochure will be looked at?
Think outside of the box!
Here are some creative ideas for eye-catching brochures:


Using different cut styles in the brochure can be impressive and creates an interest amongst the reader. When specialised cutting is carefully used, while matching up with the layout and style, it can be very effective.
This can be used on the front cover or anywhere in the body of a brochure.


People usually use square or rectangular shapes to print their brochures There may be printing issues and layout is important.
The unusual shapes not only attracts the reader towards your brochure but also can create brand awareness through it.


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Adding tabs in your brochures increases its usefulness. It assists the user to navigate the contents easier.

In addition, using colors add special effects on the appearance of the brochure. And it is favourable when you have many pages.


Origami is fun for everyone. Using origami for your brochure is unique and cost-effective. It catches the reader’s instant attention.

You will be surprised by the amount of information that a small space can contain in an origami brochure. Since origami does not allow your brochure to be flat, it can be difficult for your prospects to keep the brochures for future reference.

Make it shiny

Using shiny material can be attractive for readers. Be mindful that it will align with your brand.


Unusual binding

Most brochures are either bound or saddle stitched. Using an unusual binding method can catch your reader’s attention.

Styles of binding vary but a spiral one is cost-effective

Add a border

Add a border in a brochure can make an ordinary brochure look more sophisticated and intriguing. However must be mindful about the size, style, color and the boldness of a border.

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