Direct mail and your website: an unlikely duo

People often consider direct mail as outdated and at odds with more contemporary digital marketing. Many businesses treat each marketing technique as mutually exclusive instead of complementary and tend to side with only one technique. Experts, however, recommend coupling direct mail marketing with digital strategies to boost online presence and increase e-commerce sales. If you want to achieve this for your business, here are some simple tips to guide you.

Create an online incentive

A great way to boost your sales is to incorporate online offers into your direct marketing materials, along with your key marketing message or information. If you want to gain traffic and sales on your website, consider hosting competitions or offering online discounts or giveaways as incentives. Ensure that the link to your website is clearly displayed on your mail-outs with a tagline such as “for more information, visit our website” or “visit our website for the chance to win”. If your budget allows, you can even incorporate QR codes or clickable paper.

Make offers time-sensitive

If you decide to include incentives on your direct mail-outs, ensure they are time limited. Placing a time frame on offers creates a sense of urgency and increases the likelihood impulse purchases. If customers are afraid of missing out on a deal, they are more likely to ignore costs and decide to spend money more rapidly.

Make your offers clear

If you decide to include a link to your website, ensure the link you give is short and clear. The longer and more complicated your website’s URL is, the less likely people are to visit it, as they will be disinclined to type something too complicated. If you decide to offer a coupon code in your direct mail to be redeemed online, ensure that you include simple, straightforward instructions. A great way to do this is with bullet points or a step-by-step guide.

If you want to increase awareness about your company, while boosting your online presence and sales, consider marketing your website with a direct mail or bulk mail campaign. Direct Mail Solutions are experienced direct mail professionals, and will work with you to create a successful campaign to compliment your digital strategy.

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