Direct Mail Marketing: Your Options 

In our highly saturated digital world, direct mail marketing offers an effective way to directly reach and influence your audience. But if you’re new to direct mail marketing, you might be unsure on to where to begin and how to approach this traditional marketing medium in a successful manner. That’s why we’re sharing the fundamentals of direct mail marketing in this week’s blog. 

Where To Begin 

Like any successful marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you target audiences’ contact details are current. As mailing information changes frequently, make sure to check in and update your databases’ information as out-of-date list results in a high percentage of undelivered mailings and a subsequent low response rate. It’s also essential that your marketing campaign has a clear purpose to not confuse recipients. To monitor the success of your marketing efforts, make sure to have a tracking system in place. Examples include organising a unique phone number for that specific campaign so the responses solely reflect the interest received from the direct mail marketing and not other inquiries.  

Your Direct Mail Marketing Options 

When it comes to direct mail marketing, there are several different options to draw on depending on your goals and budget. For a low-cost letterbox distribution, choose postcards. The benefits of postcards is that they are more likely to be read and therefore, have a high impact. A self-mailer is another great tool when your message is too complex for a postcard. For a more personalised option, use short-form letters, which are effective in building an emotional connection. Long-form letter, on the other hand, are great for fundraising campaigns, as well as B2B and B2C marketing. Catalog mailing is a great end-goal for your marketing efforts as your simpler direct mail campaigns gain traction.  

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