Direct Mail Over Email Marketing, Which is more effective?

With the technology that we have now, many B2C and B2B marketing activities are conducted digitally.

It is truly a cost-effective marketing tactic. No need for envelopes, stamps and do the old way of writing down the address to the envelope.
All you need is just email marketing software. From there, you can contact all the people in your database with just a click of a button. Convenient right?

Despite the power of the internet, would you believe that DIRECT MAIL isn’t dead???

Direct mail is still the best way to reach your audience, grab their attention and connect with them on a more personal level.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail is a type of outbound marketing wherein you send a physical piece of your promotional material or your marketing message delivered directly to your customers through targeted letterbox distribution.

Why direct marketing works?

1. Direct Mail is more personal

You can add that personal touch and address your customers by name. We are more likely to respond to a special offer that is addressed to us properly, right?

2. It provides a high response rate

Direct mail is tangible and it’s difficult for homeowners/residents to ignore something that arrives on their doorstep. 🙂

3. It lasts longer

Direct mail campaign lasts longer. Physical newsletters, catalogues and coupons are more likely to be kept and look at later than those with emails.

4. It is highly targeted

Direct mail uses a more relevant method of targeting compared to those digital techniques. You can send a mail to a specific audience based on postcode, purchase history, interests and many more. You always know who you are sending the mails to and this will help you track your campaign more closely.

5. It is more effective than email

An estimated 94 billion spam emails are sent across the globe every day and most of them are never being read. Email inboxes nowadays are usually bombarded with brand messages that are frequently ignored or deleted within two seconds of receipt. The chances of an email being opened by a user really depend on the subject line.

On the other hand with direct email, when a person opens their mailbox along with their bills and they find a catalogue that is beautifully presented and personalised, it is really attention-grabbing. Since it is tangible it stands out!

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