DL Flyer Distribution – A Proven Direct Mail Strategy to Promote Gyms Locally

Do your gym promotion through DL flyer distribution, it is a no brainer. This has been done for centuries now and there is a reason why it is a popular way to promote local businesses, it’s because it works. It is still one of the best ways to get people to know that the business exists. It spreads the word in a fast and efficient manner.

One of the key strengths of flyer distribution is that when people see this, they know whatever product or service is on the flyer, the business is close by. No one sends out a flyer halfway across the country if the business can only serve its immediate vicinity. And that is very true when it comes to local gyms.

When people see your flyer on their doorstep, they know the gym is at least within driving distance. It can immediately pique their interest.

The Flyer Campaign

When doing gym promotion with flyers, there are a few things that you have to make sure that is in your actual flyer. First, it needs to be able to attract attention. Have a catchy image and headline so people will at least direct their eyes to it and know what the flyer is all about.

When it comes to content, be careful and not put too much into it as the flyer can become cluttered and distracting. Be organised with your thoughts and only put in the most important details such as the gym’s name, address, contact number, and the promotion (if any). If the person is interested, he or she can get more information anyway by contacting you through phone, email, social media, or website that you’ve put in the flyer.

Create a Sense of Urgency with Flyer Letterbox Drops

More often than not, the reason you are doing flyer distribution for your gym is because you have a promotion. Make sure that there is a sense of exclusivity in the promotion and that will create urgency for people who get the flyer. You want them to act as soon as possible after looking at the flyer. Set a time limit on when this promotion would last or else the flyer will simply end up in their bags or pockets and never seen again.

Distribution of the Flyers

You have several different options on How to Distribute the Flyers.

Cost-Effective Door to Door Drops

This is simple, have someone deliver a flyer to each door within the community. This will ensure that most of the town knows about your promotion. Whether they are interested or not is now up to them.

Direct, Hand to Hand

One of the best ways to do flyer distribution when doing gym promotion is to have some of your most fit people hand out flyers in crowded areas close to the gym. This gives a good impression and if ever the person has a question, your staff can answer it immediately. In a sense, the flyer becomes a sales tool wherein your people get to pitch and the flyer serves as a reminder.


Another option is to go to other businesses to hand out your flyers. Ideally these businesses should be related to the gym industry such as a sporting goods shop or a store selling supplements.
If you need to do DL Flyer Distribution to promote your gym, look no further. We can help you with that from creating and printing the perfect flyer to sending them out.

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