Drive Holiday Sales With Direct Mail Marketing

Holiday season is fast approaching. 

For many businesses, not just in retail but also in Real Estate and Utility Industry, this is the perfect chance to take advantage of it. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Years’ all around the corner, consumers are more focused on where they can get a great deal may it be via mail or digital formats.

So, before you go on a well-deserved vacation, think about using direct mail marketing as part of your successful and comprehensive marketing campaign. In a digital world we have today, integrating direct mail campaigns can help your business stand out this holiday season. 

Direct mail is the ideal marketing strategy to implement during the holidays as it has higher engagement rates than both email and social media marketing.  Here are few ways on how you can drive more sales this holiday season with direct mail marketing.

Catalogues –

People are looking for items not just for themselves, but for their family and friends as well during the holiday season. A catalogue is a great way to showcase all the products/services that you can offer.

Postcards –

Postcards are cost-effective campaigns, it is perfect for your direct mail campaign especially if you are looking to push a specific product or services. You can also try and include incentives, such as discounts or coupons, vouchers, and call to action to drive consumers to your website, where they can see more of promos that you have during the holiday.

Calendars –

Sending calendars as part of your direct mail campaign during the holidays especially the New Year, serves multiple purposes. It offers your consumers a practical item that they can use everyday. Sometimes the best marketing material isn’t the most informative; it’s the most useful, right?

Free Gift When You Purchase –

Another direct mail campaign that you can consider doing this joyous season is to advertise that customers could receive a free gift after they have made a purchase of certain amount or more.

Who doesn’t love free gifts, right?  An automatic driving point this holiday season is the idea of a free gift. 

It is one great gesture that shows you value your customers and you want to reward them for shopping with you. On the other hand, instead of a free gift, you could also try giving gift cards.

When crafting your direct mail campaign, make it festive.You want to make sure that your DM stands out from the rest!                                       

Since it’s the holiday season, everyone is eagerly waiting for a direct mail piece with coupons, deals, and featured items, make sure you’ll have festive designs and graphics that will catch their attention right away.  *Quick tip festive designs and graphics could get customers excited and settle in a festive mood. 🙂

You could also change the paper size, paper style and many more. But keep in mind, that the key is to not stray too far from your branding and style while trying to fit into the holiday festivities. 

Are you looking at implementing direct mail marketing to your business this holiday season?

Our team at Direct Mail Solutions will be ready for you and your business. We are your trusted partner for printing and direct  mailing during this festive occasion.

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