Envelope Printing: What You Need To Know 

If you work in marketing or design, you’d know that almost nothing significant gets send to your prospective clients without an outgoing envelope (OGE). And similarly, nothing is returned to you without a business reply envelope (BRE). So it helps to understand envelope printing. In this week’s blog, we cover everything you need to know for envelope printing 

Window Envelopes 

A window envelope is an envelope with a small area of clear plastic in the front to show the address information. The window patches are available in a variety of sizes and placements, although there are typically a few options for each. This can be helpful as you only need to address the letter, and not the envelope.  

Consider Postage  

The next thing you want to consider is postage. If you’re posting the envelopes yourself, make sure to keep in mind that the cost varies depending on the size and weight of the envelope. Check with your Post Office first before you create and budget.  

Consider BRE Markings 

If your envelope is designed to return to you, you must follow the Post Office’s design requirements. This includes the size and placement of certain preprinted type, as well as various scannable barcodes. Where you place these is critical to avoiding unwanted stress and surcharges.  

Find a Reliable Direct Mail Printer 

Printers that focus on envelopes and other aspects of direct mail printing will understand all the posting regulations and can help you with your project. They can provide you with templates to help you design business reply mail, and also have all of the printing and inserting equipment to complete the different steps of a direct mail job in an efficient and economic fashion. At Direct Mail Solutions, we can provide you with custom branded envelopes that enhance your professional image. We have a range of colour, size and envelope type options to choose from. .  


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