Five tips to succeed in a direct mail campaign

While many people opt to receive information about retailers and services via email, consumers still value direct mail. It is easy to miss a promotional or informative email about a company when your inbox is littered with bulk mail. Believe it or not, most people are more responsive to direct mail campaigns than they are to e-campaigns. If you are considering launching a direct mail campaign for your business, consider these five tips.

Tailor your mailing list

Before sending any direct mail, be sure to create a targeted mailing list. Decide on your target customers and then buy a list of addresses relating to specific postcodes or people who have opted to receive promotional offers. By targeting people of a certain demographic or location, you can improve your response rates and increase the success of your campaign.

Consider your design

When it comes to advertising, everything’s aesthetic! If you can, collaborate with a professional graphic designer and ask them to organise your direct mail content so it has the greatest impact on your target customers. Ensure that your company’s associated colours, logos and trademarks are included on your mail, to foster a more memorable brand.

Words are important

Word choice is also pivotal to a successful direct mail campaign. It is a good idea to consult a professional copywriter in order to reach your target audience with a clear, concise and engaging message and tagline.

Include promotional incentives

Promotions such as discounts, competitions and giveaways are proven to enhance your response rates. If you do choose to market promotions, ensure that your budget will allow you to adequately deliver on your offers.

Be responsible

Before beginning a direct marketing campaign, ensure that you have considered relevant privacy rights and regulations. Direct mail campaigns are responsible for collecting and holding personal information and you must ensure that you are taking your responsibilities seriously.

If done well, direct mail campaigns can become an incredibly effective form of marketing. They can encourage timely responses and boost your business’s brand. Direct Mail Solutions are experts in successful direct mail marketing. Our friendly staff are happy to listen to your needs in order to create the perfect, targeted direct mail campaign to suit your business.

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