How Direct Mail Can Work for Different Industries

Direct mail marketing is an excellent tool for generating leads and increasing brand recognition and there are many different approaches that can be taken when it comes to connecting with consumers. Good direct mail marketing is designed to play into each company’s individual strengths, so it’s important for businesses to construct a campaign with an industry specific approach. In this blog, we look at how direct mail can be used effectively across a variety of different industries.


The travel industry can benefit greatly from direct mail marketing, as travel companies often have access to high quality data lists filled with contacts highly likely to be interested in their products and services. Through segmentation of these data lists, companies in the travel industry can create individualised campaigns for each of their target markets; for example, promoting youth focused holiday packages to Millennials (especially just before university breaks) and more boutique travel itineraries to retirees. Travel companies can also adjust the packages being promoted in their direct mail campaigns according to the median income of recipients (e.g. budget travel in average wage suburbs and luxury travel for the higher earners).

Real estate

Real estate is another sector that’s perfect for direct mail. Residents of in-demand suburbs can be targeted with information about sales in their area, including street maps with pins representing recent sales which allow homeowners to visualise where they are in relation to these properties. Conversely, direct mail can also be used to target prospective buyers currently living in rental properties.


Direct mail can be a very handy marketing tool for health care centres like medical practices and dental clinics, as it’s a great way to target families and residents new to the area who will likely need a new local doctor. Mail outs should include clean, bright images of the practice, doctor profiles, and testimonials from happy patients. Another way to use direct mail in the healthcare sector is to target patients from specific demographics (e.g. women, children, patients over 50) with reminders of procedures or check-ups specific to their circumstances.


Direct mail is a great way for non-profits to collect donations, including both once-off contributions and subscriptions. Non-profit direct mail should be image-heavy, with empathy invoking language, and should provide recipients with clear and simple ways to make a donation, including reply paid envelopes.

Direct mail services can be used effectively by a variety of industries to boost sales and increase awareness. Direct Mail Solutions are a respected mail house in Melbourne, offering the full spectrum of direct mail services from design to distribution.

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