How to Avoid the Junk Mail Stigma

Whilst there is plenty of evidence to suggest that bulk mail is more effective than digital marketing, many business owners are reticent to use this marketing channel for fear of being perceived as junk mail advertisers. Junk mail is defined as advertising mail that is not wanted, so the challenge for bulk mail advertisers is to create print advertising that is valued and appreciated by the target audience. This week, we look at three key things advertisers can do to avoid having their bulk mail labelled as junk.

Offer the customer something valuable

Traditionally, junk mail advertising uses obnoxious hard sell tactics to promote a business. Whilst this juggernaut approach certainly builds brand familiarity, it comes with the wrong kinds of connotations. Instead of pushing your brand message, try reaching out to the consumer with a voucher or offer that lets them sample your products and services at a discounted rate. Using this approach not only encourages the consumer to take action and approach your business of their own volition, it also attaches a literal value to the advertising you send, thus reducing possibility of it being seen as useless junk.

Invest in quality paper

Another common characteristic of junk mail is the flimsy, low quality paper it’s printed on. Whilst this might seem like a trivial thing, the thickness of the paper you use conveys a lot about the quality of what is printed on it. Classic junk mail advertising is flimsy and lightweight, with GSM somewhere between 50 and 70, but by investing a little more in a properly printed design with a GSM of 120-150 and a gloss or semi matte finish, you can create an aesthetically pleasing document that conveys a message of quality.

Address the target audience

One of the biggest reasons that junk mail is ineffective is because it takes a scattergun approach and tries to apply a homogenous advertising tactic to a broad consumer base. In reality, an effective piece of bulk mail will address the specific challenges faced by it’s target audience and offer a solution, it may also use tactics like addressing envelopes to further individualise the recipient and make them feel valued.

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