How to Boost a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Response Rate

Perhaps the biggest challenge in the world of direct mail marketing is not getting your target to open your mail, but getting a response in the form of a qualified lead. This week, we thought we’d look at a few key tactics which can be employed to boost the response rate of your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Make sure your database is clean

Take the time to eliminate duplicates, run your database through the change of address database, and check that all addresses you have are complete. Making sure your database is relevant and up to date can help you save on postage costs and make an accurate estimation of the kind of response rate you can expect.

Test on the small scale before launching

If you’re planning on investing in a large-scale mailing campaign, it’s well worth testing out your pitch on a smaller scale to see what type of response you get. Try testing out just a single variable, such as the type of offer you make (i.e. buy one get one free vs. 50% off) , the way the offer is phrased (i.e. 50% off vs. half price), or the medium the offer is made in (i.e. flyers vs. postcards) and then using the data you get back to inform your larger campaign.

Personalise wherever possible

Addressing your mail to a specific person both on the envelope and in the material inside, as well as making mention of products they previously purchased are three key ways you can grab the attention of your target audience, make them feel like a valued customer, and make them feel obliged to return the courtesy.

Create a custom letter shape

Pique the curiosity of your target audience with an envelope or package that doesn’t conform with standard mail dimensions. Irregular shapes, postcard sizes, or putting in a small promotional item to create an intriguingly lumpy package are all great ways to distinguish yourself from the competition.

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