How to Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Advertising

Creating a sense of urgency through advertising has a direct, tangible effect on your conversion rates, but this marketing approach can also cause significant damage to your brand by making it appear cheap, desperate, and insincere. This week, we take a look at three key strategies which create a sense of urgency, without veering into slimy used car salesman territory.

Highlight scarcity

There’s nothing like scarcity to prompt consumers to buy. This being said, fabricating scarcity is an old salesman technique which most consumers can spot from a mile away, and no one likes being lied to. If there is a legitimate scarcity in the products or services you offer, there are a number of ways you can subtly highlight it without coming across as overbearing. If you have a limited stock, you can use this fact to your advantage from the very first moment the product hits your shelves, and then keep your client base in the loop about availability by letting them know when critical number are reached (over half sold, only 500 left etc.). If a product or service sells out and you decide to restock or extend the day, highlight its popularity in future promotions.

Create a specific deadline  

Vague catchphrases about approaching deadlines like ‘it won’t last!’ or ‘soon to finish’ aren’t all that effective because although they can be compelling, they also don’t give the consumer a concrete date by which to make their purchase, and thus lets them conceptualise the offer as something which will be unending. Naming a specific date or time really drives home that there is only a finite timeframe in which to act. It’s also important to stick to these deadlines as a business, to avoid coming across as disingenuous.

Focus on the customer’s problems 

Compelling a consumer to act can be as simple as reminding them of the challenges which your product or service solves. It is important to not only highlight the problem they have (a bad diet, a messy house, little time to do what they want) but also that your offer will provide a positive outcome. The sense of urgency is thus created by a desire to feel relief from the current situation as soon as possible.

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