How to Get Repeat Customers Through Direct Mail Campaigns

Struggling to get repeat customers through direct mail campaigns? The good news is that just a few smart tricks can help change the ways customers associate with you… And make them want to come back for more! 

One-time sales are great. They add to the bank and make you feel good. But repeat customers are first prize! They’re already invested in you and your brand and it doesn’t take as much to get them to buy again. 

Here are three things you can start doing immediately to 2x or more your chances of turning one-time customers into repeat customers! 

How To Get Repeat Customers Through Direct Mail Campaigns

Send a Thank You 

It may take a little more work on your part, but sending a “thank you for buying” mail can make a huge difference. 

It makes customers feel special, noticed, and like they’re important to your business. You can even personalise it if you want to really catch their attention! 

It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. But a message of “we appreciate you” can make a customer more inclined to buy from you again, because they feel like they’re making a difference to you! 

Offer Special Perks 

One of the best ways to get customers to come back to you is to reward them for it. Along with their “thank you” mail, offer a discount on their second purchase. 

To get repeat customers, consider a tiered system that entices them to come back again and again. You can get quite creative here! 

Maybe for their 5th purchase, they get a small free gift, and for their 10th, they get a bigger one. Or, you can use a points system that gives them points based on how much they spend, or how many items they buy. They can redeem points for cash or discounts later. 

Alternatively, if they subscribe to a membership where they pay X amount every month, they can get special perks, free gifts, or discounts regularly. 

Send Free Samples of New Products 

For those who do buy regularly, you can give them sneak peeks of new products by sending them free samples

You can do this for everyone, to be honest, but it packs more of a punch if you send “exclusive” taste-testers to those who have already bought. It makes them feel like they’re getting special treatment! 

Ask Their Opinions 

Customers feel important when you ask for their opinions. Ask for feedback about their last purchase. Have they used the product? What are their thoughts? How’s their experience been? 

If they respond, it’s another chance to make them feel great by sending a thank you mail. 

You can also offer discounts in return for writing a review, but be prepared to fulfil them on ALL reviews, not just those that rave about you and your product/service! 

In Conclusion 

Direct mail is quite different to online marketing. But if you use a bit of creative thought and consider the customer journey, it’s still not difficult to figure out how to get repeat customers. 

Keep in mind that tactics may change slightly depending on the type of person in your target market, but trying these tricks can help no matter who you’re mailing!

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