How to grab attention during Coronavirus

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Regardless of the crisis around us, businesses must continue to communicate with their clients/consumers and one of the most effective ways to do that is through direct mail marketing.

During a time of crisis, it can be really difficult to know how best to market your products or services to customers right? Especially if they are B2B. Many businesses are having their employees work from home and it creates challenges for B2B marketers who use direct mail in their marketing mix. If you are B2C, you can definitely grab this opportunity and provide good quality direct mail offers that your customers can use. 

While digital marketing is making its way with marketing trends, now could be the perfect moment to take a fresh look at direct mail to reach out to your clients and consumers with more personal and physical experiences in their homes.

Here are some best practices on how to grab your consumers attention during Covid lockdown.


Use graphics and be quick. You only have about eight seconds to grab the attention of your consumers and your graphics and message are very important. You can use unique images that can convey the message that you would like to tell your consumers. You can also use different colors that match your branding. Another thing to keep in mind is that your headline should be in a large and easy-to-read font so that people can see them right away.


Personalise your direct mail campaigns, it creates a sense of familiarity and increases the possibility that your mails will be read by your customers. And when it comes to personalising, you can do a lot more than just inserting a customer’s name. The sky’s the limit as long as you’ve got the relevant data.


Keep it simple. A mailer with easy-to-understand copy and images definitely works best. You surely want people to easily understand what you are selling and why they need to buy it. Too much text can distract people and drive them away from reading it. You can use bullet points to keep your list short and precise. 

Stand out:

Use color wisely in your letterbox distribution campaign. While the copy and your headlines matter, the colors you’ll choose matter even more. Most consumers will scan your direct mail as soon as they grab it from their mailbox, before choosing whether to read it or not.One good design rule is to choose one or two main colors that match your branding, and one or two supporting colors based on the feelings they evoke.

Keep it relevant:

Use your data or CRM to create and target specific audiences based on demographics and behaviors before sending them your direct mails. Factors such as age, gender, marital status, presence of children,  and whether they are grandparents can all help focus on the right products to promote. 

People nowadays are mostly stuck at home due to COVID-19 and they may be looking for comfort as they settle into this new normal. It’s essential to consider this new reality when planning to do any marketing activity.

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

A great way to continue building that connection to your customers is with Direct mail marketing. The brands that continuously apply their strengths and ingenuity to keep in touch with their customers during these difficult times will be the ones that will come out stronger.

During a crisis, your customers are still expecting to be credible and reliable. Provide them with relevant products, services, or information that they’ll need. Be a friendly and a trusted resource to them. Keep in mind that it’s how you communicate that contributes to how your brand will be remembered. This will help position you now and most especially in the future. The company that your customers and prospects want to do business with. Sounds good right?

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Are you ready to get started? 

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