How to Keep Your Customers Loyal though the Mail

Although it might seem elusive, customer loyalty essentially boils down to creating a strong emotional connection with your target audience and then building a reciprocal relationship where both parties benefit. Once established however, it’s important for companies to nurture that connection so that their customers continue to feel valued and like they are benefitting through their relationship with the brand. This week, we take a look at a few key ways you can use the direct mail format to maintain your customer loyalty.

Personalise your communication

Just like with any other kind of relationship, a loyal customer expects to be recognised and addressed as an individual. As such, homogenous advertising designed to appeal to a wide consumer base simply isn’t going to cut it with a loyal customer who has made a commitment to your brand. Instead, they need marketing which addresses them by name and preferably focuses on the products and services that suit their wants and needs.

Give them special treatment

Loyal customers deserve exclusive treatment and you can use direct mail to roll out the red carpet by providing invitations to special events like VIP sales or product launches, or sending out new product samples for them to try before it hits the shelves. Invitations like these are value adding, as they make the customer feel as though you are giving them something unique.

Offer rewards for loyalty

Loyalty rewards are one of the most common reasons that consumers choose to commit to a brand. Things like special discounts, loyalty program points, and prizes are all strong incentives for consumers but you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to make an impression. A small, thoughtful gesture is all you really need to make the customer feel valued and appreciated.

Be consistent

In order to build a loyal customer base, you need to be a brand with consistent values and goals. Customers respond to brands with whom they share values, so it’s important to stay true to the ethos of your brand even as your business grows in order to maintain a loyal consumer base.

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