How to Keep Your Existing Client Base Loyal With Mailbox Marketing

In today’s commercial environment of two week free trials and introductory discounts, building up and retaining a loyal client base is easier said than done. Although many businesses still dedicate a substantial proportion of their marketing budget to sustaining clients, making the jaded modern consumer feel appreciated and retaining their interest can be a herculean challenge. The modern consumer responds well to things that are unique, unexpected, and personalized. These are all characteristics which you can incorporate into your mailing strategy to charm your customer. Below are a few ways you can remind a loyal customer that they are valued.

Textured paper and quality graphics

With a plethora of flimsy advertising material and blurry promotional graphics showing up in our mailboxes everyday, its little wonder that many of the catalogues and flyers sent out are immediately relegated to the recycling bin. Try distinguishing your correspondence from the rest by investing in higher quality materials or graphics. Sending a vibrant, glossy postcard with a bold design can help catch your customer’s eye and make them feel as though you are investing in their interest. Similarly, investing in high grade paper can further enhance the tactile appeal of your promotional material and specialized effects like pop outs and scalloped edges can also help restore the reputation of your brand in the mind of your customer.

A small gift or token of appreciation

Gifting your client something as a reward for their patronization is a great way to make them feel valued. There are many studies which testify to the power of promotional gifts, rewards vouchers and loyal client discounts when it comes to improving your brand image, boosting sales, and increasing client retention.


Everyone likes to be recognized as an individual. Let your client be surprised that you remember their birthday, the anniversary of their signing on with your business or even their nickname. Using customer data to send the personalized promotional material or product information is a great way to make your customers feel appreciated, recognised, and cared for.

Don’t let your direct mailing strategy become lost in a sea of of stock standard roll-outs; instead, invest that little bit extra and keep your customers excited when they open their mailbox and see a letter from your company. When your customers are pleased to hear from you, you’re more likely to hear from them.

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