How to Make your Direct Mail Marketing Stand Out

Every successful direct mail campaign contains a unique and compelling message and call to action, however no matter how good your copy is, first you need your direct mail piece to get noticed and opened. To make your direct mail stand out from the onslaught of other marketing materials, try incorporating a few of these tips into your next campaign.

Go dimensional

Dimensional mail can be classified as any mail that is not flat, including mail packaged in boxes and tubes. Mail in this format will be a lot more intriguing to recipients, which will help to ensure it does not simply end up in a discarded pile on envelopes. When you have more packaging space, it’s much easier to include things like promo products or free samples in your direct mail, increasing the likelihood of conversions. Or, alternatively you could print your message on the promo product itself to be mailed as a standalone piece. While dimensional mail is a great way to stand out from your competitors, it will significantly increase so your postage costs so it’s important to keep your budget in mind when constructing a dimensional direct mail campaign.

Think big

As an alternative to boxes and tubes, oversized or padded envelopes are also a great way to get your direct mail noticed. Padded envelopes give the impression that there is something important inside, and oversized envelopes attract a lot more attention than standard white envelopes. These options are a great way to make an impact without blowing your budget.

Play with texture, colour and ink

Striking visuals and tactile stimulation will leave a lasting impression, and can be employed on both the envelope and the direct mail message itself. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different paper grades and textures, sending out folded pieces that recipients have to actively manipulate to read, or reactive inks that change colour with temperature or in a certain light. Try to integrate these special effects into your direct mail so that they directly correlate with a product or service, so as to prevent them from coming off as gimmicky.

It always pays to think outside the box (or envelope) when it comes to direct mail, and an original, striking campaign is the best way to catch the attention of prospective customers. Direct Mail Solutions offer tailored direct mail services and will work with you to create a memorable campaign.

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