How to Use Colour In Your Mail

Ever wondered how people feel when they see your mail? Interestingly, the colours you choose can make a huge difference. Let’s discuss the psychology of colours and how to use colour in your mail for the best effect! 

If your mail isn’t converting really well, it could be a simple fix. Interesting die-cut, check. Appealing message, check. Strong CTA, check. So what’s the issue? 

Maaaaaybe… Just maybe, it’s the colours you’re choosing to use in your mail. Yep – this little-thought-of aspect can change the way people feel about and respond to your mail. 

Check out the info below… And decide if it’s time to rebrand or up your mail design creativity! 

Colour & Marketing 

An interesting study suggested that between 60 and 90% of a person’s assessment of your product or service is based on the colours of your marketing material! 

Now that’s an awful lot of people’s decision-making process… Going towards something as simple as what colours you use! 

It means that you can get more sales, more engagement, and better customer loyalty… Just by using the right colours. 

But on the other hand, use the wrong colours, and you could actually be driving customers away without even realising it. 

See, your colours do a few different things when someone looks at your piece of mail. 

  • They set you apart from others (if you do it right) 
  • They create a particular feeling in your reader 

So how can you leverage that fact in your mail to boost your business? 

How to Use Colour In Your Mail

We know that you probably already have brand colours. Maybe even a full brand package. And that’s great! The good news is that you don’t have to go completely off-brand to play around with colours in your mail. 

Sure, maybe your logo is red but you want to create a calming effect in your reader. Using blue would be a better choice, then, but you don’t need to change up your entire logo. 

Just a touch of creativity means you can blend your brand colours and specifically-chosen psychological colour choices to the greatest effect. 

Here’s when you should consider using each of these colours in your mail: 


Use blue when you want to come across as trustworthy, professional, and dependable. It puts people at ease, is easy on the eyes, and generally evokes a calm feeling. Perfect for when you want people to make rational, thoughtful decisions about the solution. 


Choose red when you want to make a bold statement, stoke up passion in your reader, or catch their attention. It usually draws the eye, increases the heart rate, and stirs up strong emotion. Pair it with something less evocative for a bit of balance. 


Green is fresh, calm, and natural. Use it when you want to convey a feeling of health, happiness, and growth, especially if your business is health-related. 


Try orange when you want to be bright and welcoming. It can be cheerful, energising, and fun, and definitely eye-catching. Use it when you want to create excitement over your product or service. 


Sunshine, warmth, and happiness is what yellow is all about. Use yellow in your mail when you want to bring a bit of joy and catch people’s eyes. 


Purple is associated with royalty and splendour! Also, spirituality and enlightenment. Use it when you want a rich, luxurious feeling or to create a mysterious, out-of-this-world atmosphere. 


Classy and sophisticated, black is a timeless shade. Use it when you want to be smart, professional, and powerful. It also makes other smaller pops of colour stand out, making it the ideal partner to a brighter shade. 


Purity and minimalism is what white represents. Be careful, though – in some cultures it’s the colour of evil! Another excellent pair with brighter shades. 


Earthy, stable, and trustworthy, brown is a very natural colour that represents stability and security. It’s not super exciting or eye-catching, but it does good job of making the reader feel grounded.

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