not Hiring a Professional Printing Service? You’re Missing Out.

Whether you’re running a small, medium or large business, you’re certain to come across printing requirements. Perhaps you make and sell products that require printing or perhaps you need to print flyers for marketing purposes or envelopes to send to your loyal customers. Whatever the printing job may be, it’s important to consider how to get it done. Should you try to DIY or should you save all the fuss and go straight to a professional printing service?

Here are some things to consider when making that choice and meeting your business’ printing requirements.


DIY is often known as the budget option, however, this isn’t always the case. Doing the printing yourself means that you’re responsible for purchasing all of the supplies and topping them up once they’ve run out. This includes paper, ink, toners, and labels, not to mention, the printer itself. The cost of the supplies can add up quite a bit, and you’ll notice that it’s more beneficial and cost-effective in the long run to go directly to a professional printing service. That’s because you’re only required to pay for what you need. Unless you’re exceptionally crafty and resourceful, it’s common to make some mistakes if you DIY. Not only does this waste time and effort, but it also wastes money and materials.

We often get asked, at what point is outsourcing the most cost-effective solution? Our answer is that most businesses find it far more cost-effective in the long run, especially if they have large volume requirements. Remember that, like all services, the more units you order, the less the cost per unit becomes.

Professional printing service doesn’t have to run your pocket dry – most also have affordable options to choose from. These affordable options are far better quality than using your own printer and budget supplies. Even with their cheaper options, professional printing service will always provide services superior to DIY methods.

Time saver

Simply put, outsourcing your printing services saves you effort. It saves you an immense amount of time and stress. You’re not expected to be a printing expert, so why force yourself to be? That’s what professional printing companies are for! Printing flyers and other products isn’t just a matter of pressing “print.” It includes setting up your printer (especially if you’ve purchased a new one), learning the procedures and knowing how to tackle any issues you may come across.

Instead, you should put your effort into what really matters to you – your job and the smooth running of your business. Giving you one less thing to worry about increases your business’ efficiency and productivity. Not to mention that an increase in productivity gives your business monetary gain.

Experience and professionalism

Often, it doesn’t take much to notice the difference between a professional job and a DIY attempt. When outsourcing with a professional printing service, you’re guaranteed to get high-quality results every time. Outsourcing your business’ printing jobs is an investment. That is, you’re investing in quality to gain the best results and return on value, and often, this is in the form of customers.

Outsourcing means that you have a dedicated team of experts to work on your printing jobs. It also means that you’re able to work with the same team each time you return to do more printing. This ensures consistency in both the quality and the visuals of the work. This is especially important as consistency strengthens your brand identity and awareness.

Here are 5 more reasons why Hiring Professional Printing Service is a smart idea.

If you decide to outsource with a professional printing company, you’re guaranteed to get only the best services. If you’re not hiring a professional printing service, then you’re missing out on the professionalism and high-quality services that it can offer you.

At Direct Mail Solutions, we offer full professional solutions including printing, copying and mail distribution services. Our business and envelop printing services offer your business a cost-effective and high-quality solution. We collaborate with you to ensure we meet your specific printing requirements, including deadlines and budget.

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