Innovative Examples of Digital & Print Integration

On this blog, we often talk about the importance of integrating your print and digital marketing platforms to achieve a stronger response rate. This week, we thought we’d take a look at a few different brands that have successfully pioneered digital and print integration methods.


In 2013, the car company created a print ad which could be placed over an iPad to animate the car and highlight it’s features through a stunning audio-visual display.


The German car company created a print ad which could be used to ‘test drive’ the car via a corresponding app. Volkswagen wanted to foreground the many technical innovations features in their latest model but felt restricted by the print medium. Their solution was to create a downloadable app to showcase several features such as their Lane Assist mode (where the phone vibrates as the car approaches the side of the road delineated on the print add), an Adaptive Lights mode (where the lights of the car follow the curve of the road), and an Adaptive Cruise Control mode where the car maintains a certain distance from the far in front. This progressive augmented reality approach of course plays a dual purpose as it not only demonstrated the technical features of the car, but also positions the brand as technologically innovative.


Ford created a series of three print ads which had a QR code which could be scanned and a place to line the phone up on the ad (which displayed various driving situations such as parking, driving in traffic, and unloading the car) to show the car in action.


Dutch fashion chain C&A created a print ad displaying two different looks with a ‘like’ button beneath each. Readers could show their preference for one look by pressing the like button on the ad, which was linked to a Facebook account. The data was then displayed on a leader board instore. This clever ad is not only a great way to get the target audience involved with the brand, it also entices them to visit a retail outlet to see the results.

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