Is Flyer Distribution Right for Your Business?

Flyer marketing is a highly effective platform that can be used to generate an instant response and quickly build up a customer base but there are certain instances where flyer distribution can be especially beneficial for a business. This week, we look at four different factors which may make flyer distribution the ideal marketing channel for your business. 

You don’t have an established client base

One of the great strengths of print marketing is you don’t need an established customer base or an email list to advertise. Flyer dropping is a great way to spread brand awareness amongst consumers who don’t know anything about your business, and is an ideal first step for new businesses looking to build up their customer base.

You have an attractive offer or an event

This style of marketing is ideal if you are offering the recipient a beneficial deal or information about an event. When a proposition such as ‘get 30% off when you present this flyer’, or ‘use this flyer as your ticket to our next event’, the paper itself becomes valuable and is thus much more likely to be held onto and read through. In this sense, the flyer transforms from an unwanted piece of paper into a gift from the advertiser to the consumer.

You want to target consumers geographically

Flyer marketing (whether delivered through letterbox distribution or handed out) is most effective when you want to target consumers by their geographical location as opposed to less tangible demographics such as their job title or personal interests. Flyer marketing is therefore idea if you are a local business wanting to announce your presence in the community.

You want to target millennials

Unsurprisingly, different age demographics prefer different types of advertising. What may come as a surprise however is that 92% of Millennials (according to DMR) prefer direct mail marketing and use it to make purchasing decisions. This preference is thought to arise from the fact that mail is a welcome novelty for the digital generation who are by and large desensitised to digital marketing strategies such as EDM and banner advertising.


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