Make a Good First Impression with These Envelope Hacks

When it comes to direct mail, may businesses tend to put all their effort into writing engaging copy – which is great, however there’s no use in having great copy if no one reads it. The first thing to worry about is not the copy, but designing an envelope your recipients can’t help but open. In this blog, we share a few ways to hack your direct mail envelope to make sure your direct mail gets read every time.

Teaser copy

Consumers are used to receiving a lot of mail, so you’ll need to give them a reason not to throw your direct mail in a pile with the rest of the junk. One of the best ways to get recipients to open your mail is by offering them something and giving them a taste of what’s inside. For example, entice readers with promise of free samples, discount coupons, or an exclusive offer within the envelope – just be sure to deliver on this promise. It’s also a good idea to print the expiration date of your offer on the outside of the envelope to create a sense of urgency.

Involvement devices

Involvement devices such as stickers, tokens, scratch panels and lift tabs on the outside of your envelope are a great way to engage your audience and encourage them to find out more.

An all or nothing approach

When designing your direct mail envelope, you’ll either need to choose a very bold design, complete with pictures and enticing teaser copy, or leave the envelope completely blank to create a sense of mystery and intrigue. An in-between approach will just confuse your recipients.

Don’t try to trick the reader

Although it may seem like a good way to get readers to open your mail, dressing your envelope as a government or official letter is not a good idea. This approach will invoke distrust among your readers and encourage them to avoid your company in the future.

Personal touch

One of the best tactics to get your mail opened is to give it a personal touch. Try handwriting each address and using proper post stamps to let your readers know you care.

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