Make Direct Mail More Trustworthy; Avoid These Mistakes

You can put a lot of time and money into a direct mail campaign, however if your content is not believable it is not likely to be successful. Building trust between consumers and your brand is an essential marketing skill, so we’ve listed a few pitfalls that may be holding your campaign back and how to fix them.

Steer clear from superficial content

The best way to connect with your consumers is by providing them with honest, to-the-point content. NEVER include content containing false promises, outrageous or misleading claims/statements, or misrepresentative images in your direct mail. Instead focus on authentic and direct messaging and images (real photos always take preference over generic stock photos) and find a way to relate to your customer.

Out-of-date design

If you’re sending the same direct mail you first designed a few years ago, it’s very unlikely you’ll get a good response rate. It’s important to keep up with the latest design trends, without making your designs gimmicky, in order to captivate your audience. Steer clear from fonts and images that look dated and instead go for a clean yet striking design.

Unclear font

Fonts that are difficult to read, either due to size or typeface, can elicit suspicion in consumers and therefore should be avoided at all costs. Opt for clear, professional typefaces that complement your brand identity and help to deliver your message, and be sure to keep your target audience in mind – if you’re marketing to

Vague testimonials

If you insist on including testimonials in your direct mail campaign, make sure that they are authentic. Testimonials should include a detailed, personalised review of your products or services, alongside the name, suburb, and preferably photograph of the person who provided the testimonial. Whatever you do, do not include a fake testimonial – it is better to have nothing at all than a testimonial that comes across as disingenuous.

By avoiding these common mistakes, your direct mail will come across as more honest, engaging and convincing, which will help you to convert and retain a solid customer base. Direct Mail Solutions are an experienced direct mail services provider and will work with you from design conception right through to delivery to create a winning direct mail campaign.

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