Print Marketing Fundamentals: Identifying Your Target Market

As the core of any successful business strategy, identifying and understanding your target market is essential for your marketing campaign. Aiming to reach a specific subset of the population, and analysing how your product or service meets their needs or wants is a specific skill. In this week’s article, we’re going to be exploring some of the ways you can identify your target market for your next print marketing campaign.

What is a target market?

Referring to a group of people to whom your products or services will appeal, a target market is a specific community within the wider population. Focusing your brand messaging on them will help to streamline productivity and efficiency of resources. Your brand and the products or services you offer should resonate deeply with your target demographic. Understanding this helps you to design your marketing campaigns, using the most effective language and marketing strategies.

Who are your target market?

In identifying a target market, there are certain questions you have to ask about who they are. Using this information, you can build a solid foundation for the marketing campaign for your desired audience. Below, we’ve listed a few factors for you to consider:

  • Demographics: what gender predominantly makes up your target market? What age are they? What level of education do they have? Where do they live, work, or otherwise spend their time? What do they value? What are their lifestyles like?
  • Current customer base: spend time analysing your current customers- what are the similarities among them? By looking for common characteristics, this will help you to understand other potential markets that you may not have tapped into yet.
  • Competitors: much like how you’ve analysed your current customer base, see who your competitors are targeting. This may give you ideas for other avenues for potential customers.

Once you’ve established answers to the factors listed above, evaluate the target market you’ve devised. You may find it is too narrow, and in these cases, there’s nothing wrong with broadening your horizons a little. After identifying your target market, it’s time to begin designing your marketing campaign!

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