Printing 101: Sustainability Edition

Climate change seems to be on everyone’s mind, and for good reason. Rising temperatures across the globe, melting ice caps and increasing bushfires through Australia are just some of the consequences. Print marketing, though absolutely invaluable to business, can be bad for the environment. So in this week’s blog, we’ll be giving you more information about how to choose a sustainable printing company.

What are sustainable printing alternatives?

For printed projects, a sustainable option that is widely available is recycled paper. Post consumer waste paper (PCW) is one such example of recycled paper. Having served its intended purpose, PCW is the result of separating paper from solid waste through the paper manufacturing process. This is more environmentally friendly as it reduces the printing industry’s impact on deforestation (Environment Victoria 2010).

Furthermore, getting PCW paper that is also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified ensures that the materials chosen for the printing process support forests, wildlife and indigenous groups whose heritage connects them to the land.

What makes a printing company sustainable?

To choose a printing company, choose one where the environmental ethos is echoed through everything the company does. They should specialize in the use of recycled, reclaimed papers and environmentally responsible stocks. By using only vegetable based inks, chemical free CTP printing plates and non toxic chemicals, any company can fully recycle 100% of all paper waste in a paper recovery program. They can also use 100% solar power for all the business requirements.

The most sustainable printing companies aim to reduce, re-use and recycle through all company operations. Beyond this, as business or consumers, we should advocate for the responsible manufacturing of paper through Australia. We also should fight for the preservation and management of native forests throughout Australia. A better future starts with us.

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